Potential Risks of Used Packing Boxes

Cardboard storage boxes are essential for moving activities, especially for frequent movers. They offer cheapest and most convenient method of packing and transporting things. However, there are certain risks involved with storing your items in these boxes based on my experience. I too love cardboard boxes and have plenty of them in my house. My job demands that I be a frequent mover. I usually move from one city to another in search of clients to offer my services. For that reason, I’ve to live in temporary rented accommodations and store my clothes in boxes. It is impossible to discard using boxes, but I just felt like mentioning some of the problems associated with boxes.

Accumulation of Boxes

For the frequent movers like me, we tend to make close friends with boxes. Whenever you come across a box, you only think of taking it and putting it somewhere “safe”. As if it wasn’t safe where you found it! With time, you realise that you have very many boxes, consuming a lot of space in your house. But since you are used to the boxes, you may not realise the muddled state of your house. However, if you get a frank friend, bold enough to point out your indecency, don’t be surprised to get criticism concerning the accumulation of boxes.

Fire Risk

Keeping many cardboard boxes together, mostly in a small space, can be a significant risk of fire outbreak. When we store boxes in a hot environment, especially during summer, they dry up and become highly inflammable. By freeing your storage spaces from cardboard boxes, you’re protecting yourself and residents near you against unnecessary fire outbreaks.

Potential Risk of Pests and Bugs

The boxes make an ideal environment for nasty critters to live in. Although this is debatable, I guarantee that parasite, insects, and other creatures like hiding in boxes. Spiders are an excellent example. They like creating their webs in dry and dark environments. If we leave those boxes unattended for precisely long, many spiders will invade the place, and comfortably change it into their permanent place of residence. Think of it again- spider’s home, within your home!
We aren’t talking about spiders alone. Other friends will also come to enjoy the box comfort. Cockroaches, silverfish, and bookworms will never hesitate to invade your house. The thing is- you risk harbouring dangerous creepy crawlies in your house. Unless you have a particular task or a reason for storing boxes, always flatten them and carry them to the recycling.

Waste of Storage Space

If you have numerous boxes piling up your house, they obviously consume a lot of space that we could otherwise use for other activities. Space is an essential commodity. I don’t see any reason for you to waste it by filling it up with mere boxes. It is, therefore, necessary that you take them to the recycling immediately after using them. By that, you will have adequate space for other activities, or for storing essential items. Well, I understand how hard it is to get rid of these boxes, especially for the box-oriented people like me. But, try it out.