Haircuts for long hair with bangs

Bang – an attribute that decorates almost any hairstyle, changing the external image almost beyond recognition. Bangs themselves varied: long and short, classical and avant-garde, symmetrical and asymmetrical, thick and ragged, oblique and direct … Well, the options of hairstyles with bangs hairstyles, and so many stories to tell all in a single article simply unrealistic. Let us consider the most basic haircuts with bangs 2019.

  1. Long hair haircuts with bangs leave much freedom for creativity, as a fringe can be installed in various ways. There are lots of hairstyles for long hair – both for special occasions and for weekdays. Choose to your liking:
  2. Classic straight bangs with curly locks – the same look as beautiful with her hair in a bun, and with her hair.
  3. Oblique bangs, thick cut off, and gradually turns into the rest of haircut. This fringe is perfect for a round face, as visually pulls it closer to the correct oval. Looks good oblique fringe, divided into two unequal parts.
  4. Graded trendy haircuts with bangs widespread among middle-aged women. In these haircuts, bangs can be as smooth and straight and curled or extended at the sides. Bang is usually part of the hair and helps to set off the contours of the face.
  5. Long hair and slanting bang – a great combination. Bang closes the side opening of the forehead with his middle, which visually rounding face. This hairstyle is recommended for women with a square or rectangular type of person.
  6. Short and thick bangs to the middle of the forehead looks great, especially if you love to wear smooth hair with a comb-over back or hair gathered into a knot at the nape.

Medium hairstyles with bangs are highly relevant in our time – in fact such a length of hair is one of the most popular among the fair sex. Options for haircuts and hairstyles while also very much:

  1. Four of a kind with asymmetric classical fringe and long bangs to the side and an oblique fringe;
  2. Graded medium length haircuts with bangs work well with straight bangs and torn:
  3. Bob Haircuts type with strands of different colors and lengths look good with thick bangs in different shapes and sizes.

Very often, the women found a short haircut with bangs. Short hair with no bangs in our time is not popular. Distributed a shortcut with bangs 2019, and thick, long strands of the upper neck and short hair. Bang hairstyles in these very thick and starts quite high. Original look jagged bangs, partially lowered his eyes.

There are hairstyles short hair with bangs that fall to the cheeks or chin – those haircuts visually lengthen the face. In the haircuts “page”, a short bob haircut, or “pot” fringe figures, visually extending the line of hair. In the lush haircuts used mostly classical fringe that continues the line of hair. The length of such a bang up the middle of the forehead or eyebrow level.

Good looks that option short haircut with bangs hair, in which all the hair starting from the top are completely the same length. The length of a clipping up the neck and slash is combined with a thick fringe, reaching up to eye level.

Trendy hairstyles with bangs 2019 – a haircut with strong geometric shapes. However, before you start experimenting with them, make sure that your type of person this haircut does not hurt. Men’s haircuts with bangs in 2019 will be graded for the most part – a style of man-slicked or rebel – a style pie boy. Still remain in the fashion of retro-style haircut in the 20-80s of the last century, and cut bob.