Hair Straightening Brush: No Frizzles Foshizzle?

Odds are high that you have dealt with this issue before: your hair gets all messy and frizzy in the morning and you need it straightened ASAP, before your busy day begins.
Or maybe you did some experimenting with hair curling? And now you want the gorgeous straightness back?
Then a hair straightening brush is your go-to. It’s a magic stick that economizes your time and it does even more than just basic uncurling.
But how to pick one?

What you need to know

The hair straightening brush debuted only three years ago. However, we’ve had enough time to test it and learn all the ins and outs regarding the quality of this “beautifying tool”.
The characteristics you must pay close attention to include:

  • Ergonomics –  seriously, you don’t want any radiocarpal joint arthritis. That’s why your wonder-brush should have a light, well-balanced, anti-static and comfortable handle (covered with tiny bumped ridges).
  • Anti-scald protection – unless you want to burn your scalp and the hair ends, make sure that the brush has an automatic thermal-control function.
  • Bristles – they will interact with your skin regularly that’s why it’s critical for
    them to have a “cool-tip” feature, be ball-tipped to prevent painful hair yanking and also be made of a thick material (the boar or nylon bristles will do fine).
  • Plates – choose only those brushes that are equipped with ceramic plates. The ceramic materials are great for heat retaining and their thermal range is between 175/550 degrees °F. Also, it takes less time for them to get heated up. Tourmaline plates are also an option but they are rather pricey since it’s a semi-precious stone.
  • Thermal regimes – the heat can be regulated depending on the particular type of your hair. If you have wavy/curly locks by nature the bristles must be a bit hotter to have them straightened.
    These are the most basic attributes of any given good-quality hot comb.

As a few additional pleasant perks it’s impossible to mention:

  • Scalp-massaging – some brushes do have that function. It greatly stimulates blood circulation in your skin, making it healthier.
  • Size – it plays a major part if you happen to be a mobile person. A compact, lightweight brush doesn’t need much space in your pursue. But a foldable one is even better.
  • Ionization – some hot combs have an ion generator. It’s a special technology that does one magic thing – it eliminates frizzles, knots, split-ends plus it makes your mane silky and soft.

All in all the hair straightening brush is one of the best styling tools. It certainly does the job faster than a fattening iron (60-90 seconds to get things going)  and also has some extra bonuses to offer.
But unfortunately, there’s always a fly in the ointment. And the hair straightening brush isn’t an exception.

The dark side of the Brush

The first and possibly only negative aspect that you must be afraid of is the extreme heat. In case you’re unaware of what temperature is best suitable for your natural hair – you might “melt” the keratin.
Keratin is an element that sustains your black/blonde/brown/ginger locks and makes them look healthy and beautiful.  Regularly you can avert such misfortune by avoiding temperature higher than 325 °F.
Another issue is that both regular beauties and pro stylers complain about: ofttimes hot brushes produce little to no effect. There’s only one remedy for that – don’t waste your money on cheap rubbish (less than $40).

Well, now you know what qualities a good and reliable hair straightening brush can boast of and what service it can provide to you.

Have you ever used such a wonder thingy? Are you in love with a particular brand? Does hair yanking occur frequently? Share your experience with us.