Study Tips: Memory Tricks to Remember What You Study

Sometimes flashcards and rewriting notes will get you through a test, but for those trickier questions-orders of occurrence, lists of amino acids, etc.-mnemonic devices can be the key to making info stay in your head for the long term. Here are a few ideas, and remember, the sillier you make these, the more memorable they’ll be! Acronyms Acronyms are simply a way to shorten several words into one or a few “words” by combining their first letters. Remember ROY G. BIV, the acronym from elementary school that helped you remember the colors of the rainbow in order? (Red Orange Yellow

How to Stay Awake & Alert While Studying (without Coffee!)

With midterms and final exams rearing their very ugly heads, you’re probably finding that study time is increasingly important. Too bad you have a job, clubs, a roommate, friends, family, dorm-room sleep hours (read: 3 am bedtime), a cafeteria diet, and a bunch of classes wearing you down. Once you start reading that textbook, suddenly a nice nap seems like a much better idea. Read on to find out how to keep yourself awake, even if you’re studying in the wee hours of the morning: Drink a Lot of Water Remember this from my tips on how to stay awake

Fun and creative school hairstyles

The right hairstyle plays an important role in establishing your child’s personality as well as enhancing his/her self-esteem. Thus, it is important for parents to focus on their child’s hairstyle by keeping in mind the various activities he/she would be performing in school. A good school hairstyle will be one that survives the classroom sessions, gym and playground activities. Your kid’s hairstyle should not be complicated, should be easy to manage and neat. You also need to keep your child’s age and curriculum in mind while selecting an appropriate hairstyle. You need to make sure that the hairstyle is not

Final Exam Survival Tips

I’m taking a short break from holiday posts to write for those you who have final exams coming up! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in school, finals week can really take a lot out of you. These are my top 10 tips to help you survive finals! Mark Your Deadlines. First, mark deadlines like paper due dates and test times. Next, check for conflicts if you have two tests that overlap, or if you’re scheduled for work during a test time, you need to resolve that as quickly as possible. Set a Study Schedule. While you have your

Fast, Easy Meals & Snacks on a College Budget

It’s not easy being on a budget and enjoying a yummy, easy-to-make meal. The secret to eating well (and healthy!) without spending much is eating at home-once you start heading out for fast food, your costs can really skyrocket. But if you’re new to the cooking game (as a lot of college students are) you probably can’t get past the fact that you don’t have the time to cook something fantastic, or you don’t have recipes you can make cheaply. For today, here are a couple quick, tasty snack recipes. You can make these in the dorms with just a

50 Smart and Easy Ways to Save Money in College

Finding college a little more expensive than you expected? Check out these tips to help you save cash during the college years — I’ve used a lot of them myself (and now that I’m paying of student loans, I’m finding even more!) School & Textbooks Try to get a tuition discount. (Fox College Funding’s founder, Deborah Fox, talks about how to do that on her Pay for College blog — look there for other good college & money saving info). Check if your job has tuition assistance or education reimbursement program — if it does, use it! Check to see

Potential Risks of Used Packing Boxes

Cardboard storage boxes are essential for moving activities, especially for frequent movers. They offer cheapest and most convenient method of packing and transporting things. However, there are certain risks involved with storing your items in these boxes based on my experience. I too love cardboard boxes and have plenty of them in my house. My job demands that I be a frequent mover. I usually move from one city to another in search of clients to offer my services. For that reason, I’ve to live in temporary rented accommodations and store my clothes in boxes. It is impossible to discard