Aussie Cool Story Club is a blog where you can find the collection of stories written by me(Alex Fereday). These are real stories which happened in my surrounding place or came to know through my friends and family. Also, I do post some stories which have got good attention and provide some reliable information or gain strength from them. Here, on this site, you can even get posts related to Business, Computers, Information Technologies, Physiotherapies, Travelling experiences, Tips on health, beauty, etc.

My main aim is to provide a message to people who feel lost that nothing is impossible. I want to share some real stories so that they feel they are not the only ones who are in loss and many others are fighting for life to success. Also, people with stress can get relaxed with my postings. And tips for people on travelling or general basic needs.

If you would like to share your story, please feel free to contact me.