Curling Hair With Rollers | Healthy (NO HEAT) way to curl your hair-Tutorial

Learn More About Curling Hair With Rollers Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Hair Rollers with Shields, Jumbo (6-pack) patented roller design; rollers allow for breathing space between foam and shield for faster evaporation and tighter curls; soft foam rollers are infused with gentle, steamed moisture; great for all types of hair. The Caruso Professional Molecular patented rollers model #06749-04 are designed to allow breathing space between foam and shield for faster evaporation and tighter curls. The unique shield lock holds rollers tightly and is available in 5 sizes for maximum styling versatility. BaByliss PRO BABP125S Professional Porcelain Ceramic Curling Iron with

Best Shampoo for Frizzy Hair

Surely you have spent way too much time looking for the best anti-frizz shampoos and still coming up empty-handed? Every woman knows this feeling! Bad weather is always the first reason for frizzy hair, along with many others, but shampooing your hair with a good product is one key way to prevent frizz before it starts. Frizz happens because the hair isn’t properly nourished to begin with. They should take priority over any other shampoo you own if you have frizzy hair so that you can fix frizz right from the get-go and quit wasting your money on shampoos that

Study Tips: Memory Tricks to Remember What You Study

Sometimes flashcards and rewriting notes will get you through a test, but for those trickier questions-orders of occurrence, lists of amino acids, etc.-mnemonic devices can be the key to making info stay in your head for the long term. Here are a few ideas, and remember, the sillier you make these, the more memorable they’ll be! Acronyms Acronyms are simply a way to shorten several words into one or a few “words” by combining their first letters. Remember ROY G. BIV, the acronym from elementary school that helped you remember the colors of the rainbow in order? (Red Orange Yellow

Remington Wet 2 Straight Slim Plate Wet/Dry Straightening Iron Review

The hair straighteners function when the hair is usually dry. The best part of this device is that it can perform two functions. One-it can dry the set hair and secondly it can iron the hairs and make them very silky and smoother. Let us see the features of this product which make it a wonderful choice No need to dry the hair Remington wet 2 straight slim can allow the user not using a dryer for blowing the hair dry. The main reason for this is that the machine allows the user to dry the hair and that too

How to Stay Awake & Alert While Studying (without Coffee!)

With midterms and final exams rearing their very ugly heads, you’re probably finding that study time is increasingly important. Too bad you have a job, clubs, a roommate, friends, family, dorm-room sleep hours (read: 3 am bedtime), a cafeteria diet, and a bunch of classes wearing you down. Once you start reading that textbook, suddenly a nice nap seems like a much better idea. Read on to find out how to keep yourself awake, even if you’re studying in the wee hours of the morning: Drink a Lot of Water Remember this from my tips on how to stay awake

Haircuts for long hair with bangs

Bang – an attribute that decorates almost any hairstyle, changing the external image almost beyond recognition. Bangs themselves varied: long and short, classical and avant-garde, symmetrical and asymmetrical, thick and ragged, oblique and direct … Well, the options of hairstyles with bangs hairstyles, and so many stories to tell all in a single article simply unrealistic. Let us consider the most basic haircuts with bangs 2019. Long hair haircuts with bangs leave much freedom for creativity, as a fringe can be installed in various ways. There are lots of hairstyles for long hair – both for special occasions and for

Great Sedu Hair Styles

The revival of straight hair has created a sizzle in the fashion industry and sedu hairstyles seem to have become a rage. Even popular actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez can be spotted sporting the sedu look. The term sedu has been derived from seductive and sedu hair straighteners have become a must-have accessory in the world of hairstyling. These straighteners have been designed to take out the hassle from curly, ruffled and wavy hair and transform it into sleek straight hair in just a few minutes. This particular accessory has become a favorite with celebrity hairstylists all across

Fun and creative school hairstyles

The right hairstyle plays an important role in establishing your child’s personality as well as enhancing his/her self-esteem. Thus, it is important for parents to focus on their child’s hairstyle by keeping in mind the various activities he/she would be performing in school. A good school hairstyle will be one that survives the classroom sessions, gym and playground activities. Your kid’s hairstyle should not be complicated, should be easy to manage and neat. You also need to keep your child’s age and curriculum in mind while selecting an appropriate hairstyle. You need to make sure that the hairstyle is not

Final Exam Survival Tips

I’m taking a short break from holiday posts to write for those you who have final exams coming up! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in school, finals week can really take a lot out of you. These are my top 10 tips to help you survive finals! Mark Your Deadlines. First, mark deadlines like paper due dates and test times. Next, check for conflicts if you have two tests that overlap, or if you’re scheduled for work during a test time, you need to resolve that as quickly as possible. Set a Study Schedule. While you have your

Fast, Easy Meals & Snacks on a College Budget

It’s not easy being on a budget and enjoying a yummy, easy-to-make meal. The secret to eating well (and healthy!) without spending much is eating at home-once you start heading out for fast food, your costs can really skyrocket. But if you’re new to the cooking game (as a lot of college students are) you probably can’t get past the fact that you don’t have the time to cook something fantastic, or you don’t have recipes you can make cheaply. For today, here are a couple quick, tasty snack recipes. You can make these in the dorms with just a

Do hair loss cures really work?

When it comes to long hairstyles, you want to make sure that you are getting the best ones out there. There are all kinds of different hairstyles that people will look at and what you have to determine is what is going to work the best for you. You want to make sure that you are getting a quality haircut and that your long hairstyles are the best that you can get. Between a quality hairstylist and knowing what you want, you’ll always get a great haircut that will really fit you and be what you need. The first thing

50 Smart and Easy Ways to Save Money in College

Finding college a little more expensive than you expected? Check out these tips to help you save cash during the college years — I’ve used a lot of them myself (and now that I’m paying of student loans, I’m finding even more!) School & Textbooks Try to get a tuition discount. (Fox College Funding’s founder, Deborah Fox, talks about how to do that on her Pay for College blog — look there for other good college & money saving info). Check if your job has tuition assistance or education reimbursement program — if it does, use it! Check to see

Hair Straightening Brush: No Frizzles Foshizzle?

Odds are high that you have dealt with this issue before: your hair gets all messy and frizzy in the morning and you need it straightened ASAP, before your busy day begins.
Or maybe you did some experimenting with hair curling? And now you want the gorgeous straightness back?
Then a hair straightening brush is your go-to. It’s a magic stick that economizes your time and it does even more than just basic uncurling.
But how to pick one?

What you need to know

The hair straightening brush debuted only three years ago. However, we’ve had enough time to test it and learn all the ins and outs regarding the quality of this “beautifying tool”.
The characteristics you must pay close attention to include:

Solar Energy – Why Sun Is Considered As An Exceptional Energy Source

Did you know that the Solar Energy potential of the earth is about 50, 000 Exajoules annually – which is currently hundred times more than the total world energy consumption! Yes, with the help of science and technology, we can harness the exceptional energy of the powerful sun, to make an efficient, inexhaustible, independent, versatile and sustainable source of renewables, which also has various associated long-term benefits as well. Solar Energy- The Popular Harnessing Techniques Regions with plenty of sunshine can harness the Solar Energy with the help of popular active techniques like Solar Photo Voltaic Cells (or Solar Panels)

Great Fun: Corporate Christmas Party in an Adventure Park

There are obviously many ways to plan a corporate Christmas party. Every employee has made significant contributions to make the successful during the year, and they, naturally, are looking forward to a fantastic Christmas party at the end of the year. It is the opportunity they have to relax, kick back and enjoy the celebrations provided by the employer. A corporate Christmas party acts as a great morale booster and is the way to say those powerful words “thank you” so that your employees wind down the year with a positive frame of mind and return to work in the

Potential Risks of Used Packing Boxes

Cardboard storage boxes are essential for moving activities, especially for frequent movers. They offer cheapest and most convenient method of packing and transporting things. However, there are certain risks involved with storing your items in these boxes based on my experience. I too love cardboard boxes and have plenty of them in my house. My job demands that I be a frequent mover. I usually move from one city to another in search of clients to offer my services. For that reason, I’ve to live in temporary rented accommodations and store my clothes in boxes. It is impossible to discard

Give your Lawn a new life

There is a huge difference between professional lawn mowing services and cutting the grass from here and there yourself. It is certainly not an easy task, as it seems so. Well, I’m telling you this from my own experience. I had a real bad experience while taking it as a DIY task. And eventually, after doing more harm than good to my garden, I had to call for professional help. So, In my opinion, I would highly recommend some professional services to shape up your lawn/ garden, rather than doing it yourself. If not, then you’ll surely end up not

Invest On Solar Panels For Greater Return On Investment

Solar panels are doing wonders to many homes and businesses. By using the free and renewable energy from the sun, it is well known for saving an enormous amount of money on electricity bills. Eurosolar is a company which offers solar energy solutions for competitive prices across Australia. I recommend you to have a look at their site to get an idea of what type of solar systems available for your home or business. Although solar panels are used mainly for economic and environmental benefits, it has more of other advantages which will help you determine why you should use

Gift it with Love ! Choosing right box is an art

Sending gift with special packaging will make it beautiful. Instead of sending a simple box, you should wrap it in a quality paper. Gift wrapping is quite similar to nice clothes. Makeup and clothes can change your overall look and make you beautiful. It is similar in the case of gift wraps and packaging. Select a beautiful moisture-proof box to retain the freshness of your gift. The gift packaging expresses your hobbies, interests, and love along with a sense of colour and characteristics of the design. Few things can be difficult to wrap, such as a plant. There are lots